Hospital Management System

Inventory and Stock Manangement

Our hospital management system (HMS) is an integrated software that handles different operations of the hospital workflows. It manages the smooth healthcare performance along with patients, doctors, staff, administrators, medical, financial statements and controls into one software. It has sections for various professionals that make up a hospital and it's the cornerstone for a successful operation of a healthcare facility.

The implementation of our hospital management system project provides the institution with different advantages that improve the service quality and efficiency. As mentioned above it is created for groups of users: patients, hospital staff and management, and third-parties like drug suppliers(Inventory) and Insurance Companies. The interaction between them conveys the general performance.


  • Dashboard (Provides brief information about the entire system).
  • Patient Management
  • Patient Appointment
  • Treatment Plans
  • Doctors Module
  • Doctor Appointments
  • Medical Records | Case File Tracking
  • Images & Documents
  • Billing & Financial Records
  • Internal Messaging
  • Health Messaging (HL7)
  • Reports & Statistics
  • Chart for Profit & Loss(12 Months)
  • Wards & Rooms Management
  • Nurses / Injection Module
  • Injection / Vaccination Tracking
  • Laboratory
  • Imaging\Radiology
  • Pharmacy
  • Procurement
  • Store/Inventory Management
  • Manage Staff
  • Staff Payroll management
  • Manage Invoice and Receipt
  • Suppliers Information Management
  • Application Administrators
  • Networked or Cloud Hosting
  • Unlimited Storage


  • Efficient Operations : Helps in providing good healthcare services to patients while optimising operational costs. It is also 98% paperless operations.
  • Reduce Operational Costs : Save monthly on your budget, by cutting the cost of hiring additional employees, office space and time used in your organization.
  • Less Errors. : Ensure 0% revenue leakage, stock pilferage and reduce invoicing and dispensing errors, by turning to the automated way of generating medical invoices and claims.
  • Serve More Patients : Use the enhanced patient workflow and increased productivity, to ultimately increase the number of patients served per day.
  • Make better decisions : Helps the administration in summarizing the expenses of the hospital and evaluating the necessary and unnecessary expenditure.

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